Privacy Policy for Talking Toys SL


The basic principles of this Privacy Policy are safety, security, and appropriate use. Parents, please read through this policy and note your role in ensuring a positive and safe experience for your child.

About Us

My Talking Toys produces award winning apps featuring unlimited talking cartoons for kids. Over 10 million children are playing with our talkings worldwide. All of our talking toys are designed to inspire, educate, and entertain readers ages one to twelve. Users can enjoy My Talking Toys mobile applications on their iOS and Android devices.

Purpose and Scope of this Privacy Policy

My Talking Toys is designed to serve users ages one to eight with the guidance of their parents/guardians. We have adopted this Privacy Policy to protect the privacy of our young users.


As used in this Privacy Policy:

What Information Do We Collect About Our Users?

The information we collect about our users consists of general usage patterns by users, i.e. length of time spent playing, general number of talkings downloads, language selection rankings, number of times the average users play in a day, time of day app is used, etc. None of the data or information collected pertains to one particular user, but is a collection of general information of all users combined.

Important things to know:

Although the information we collect does not pertain to our child users as stated, most of our users are in fact children, we want to assure parents and guardians that we completely comply with the Childrenยดs Online Privacy Protection Act.

If you have any questions about what COPPA entails please visit their website for more information:

Questions About Our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about our Privacy please contact us by email: